John's Martial Arts Background

John began his training in the Martial Arts at the age of 15 in the disciplines of Judo and Tai Jutsu, and by 18, he was teaching as a Brown Belt alongside his Tai Jutsu Instructor, Steve Cowley.

After gaining his second Black Belt in Tai Jutsu and graduating from University with an Honours Degree, John began teaching Tai Jutsu full-time. At the same time, John trained for 8 years in Jeet Kune Do with Bob Breen, going on to become one of his Black Belt instructors.

While training under Bob Breen, John also learnt the arts of Western Boxing, Philipino Boxing, Grappling, Kick Boxing, Thai Boxing (with Owen Ogbourne – four times British Kick Boxing Champion) and Kail.

Promoted to Chief Instructor at his Tai Jutsu Instructor’s Academy in High Wycombe, John then trained in Mixed Martial Arts under Neil McLe – three times Bantam Weight Vale Tudo Champion for Britain, and Brazilian Ju Jitsu under Kevin Capel.