Corporate Team Building in High Wycombe

Our Self Defence Courses are a new development for Corporate Martial Arts using self defence techniques that are simple to learn and can be used by anyone regardless of size, strength, height, weight or sex. We offer a wide range of subjects with flexibility in terms of when, where and how your staff is trained.

Examples of our Corporate Training Programmes are:

  • Introduction to basic self-defence and awareness
  • Women‘s self defence techniques
  • Ground Survival techniques
  • Knife Survival techniques
  • Improvised Weapons defence
  • Handgun Survival techniques


Benefits to your organisation include:

  • Improved staff morale
  • Reduction of client complaints through appropriate staff responses to conflict
  • Increased compliance with Health and Safety
  • Reduction of stress/assault related staff sickness
  • Improved employee functionality under duress
  • Improved staff retention