JG Martial Arts Recommended Items

If you are looking for a list of equipment for the Martial Arts class that I provide or just a recommendation for equipment that is hard wearing and functional check out my Amazon affiliate links store. All of the items recommended I have used or am using right now.

I use this product to help keep my Boxing glove, Shin guard and kit bag smelling nice. A few drops on my Meister Glove deodorizes, Shin guards and it all smells great.

I have found this Gi to be hard wearing, comfortable and it has hardly shrunk at all in the wash.

Love this bag it has a great selection of pockets for holding all my Gym & Martial Arts kit weather it big or small items. The end pocket for shoes and sweaty kit is a great idea.

I have used a few different brands of deodorises but so far I found these do the job of drying out my gloves nicely. The strap that keeps the two deodorises together is a great little feature so you don’t lose one and they help keep your glovers together to.

Best pair of compression leggings I have used to date. Hard wearing, nice fit.

I have 4 pairs of these shorts. They are easy to wash and dry, hard wearing and a good fit. They have Velcro & drawstrings to keep them fastened I personally found that the Velcro wears out before the fabric. 

I can definitely recommend these gloves! They are a great fit and give my hands and wrists the protection and support they need. The inside lining has not come a part like a lot of gloves I have tried and the stitching is holding up nicely.

Great fitting and comfortable Gi to wear as well as hard wearing.

They give good protection, Hard wearing, easy to get on and off, the elastic straps on the feet hold up well to.

Great idea for keeping your sweaty training kit from making your kit bag smell. Easy to clean and water tight.